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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after the beta?

We will convene feedback sessions in Edmonton and Calgary which, together with the feedback from the beta test Trello Board, will help us refine our scope for Version 1.0 of Start Alberta which we and the VCAA have committed to.

How can you help?

Create your profile on, explore the site and let us know of any bugs or serious issues. Your time to help us identify these as quickly as possible is very much appreciated. Please do not share this beta link or news, yet. We have a beta user onboarding process to try to ensure each group has less issues to work through and to allow them to have a better user experience.

How do I know which type of profile to create?

Once you've created a basic user (name, email and password) to connect on the platform, there are four different types of profile you can manage.
First, there is an individual. An "individual" is for someone who's implicated in a company (whether it is as a founder, an employee or any other team role). The individual can show its personal biography, coordinates and various elements of its background.
Second, there is an investor. An "investor" is for someone who's implicated in an investment firm (eg: VC Fund) or is an angel investor. The investor can then record its various investments in companies on its profile and add its biography and coordinates. There is no "VC Firm" type of profile yet. So, if you are an investor firm and you desire some visibility on this platform, please create an investor profile and insert your information there. Please do not create an organization for this purpose.
Third, there is a company entity.. A "company" is a separate entity that can exist without any internal user associated to it. However, a user can become an administrator by claiming its profile (see below) or by creating a new company by himself on the platform. If you have a for-profit purpose or if you are raising money, this is the appropriate entity you should claim/create.
Finally, there is an organization entity. An "organization" is a separate entity that can exist without any internal user associated to it. However, a user can become an administrator by claiming its profile (see below) or by creating a new company by himself on the platform. If you have a non-profit purpose of if you are an incubator/accelerator (and not an investment fund), this is the appropriate entity you should claim/create.

Is this the silver bullet for our ecosystem?

Trick question and the answer to which is no. Start Alberta is a complimentary resource, to the tools we currently use and need for our ecosystem which includes and tools like Startup Calgary’s Startup Community 101 Deck. It is a great starting point for exploring the tech ecosystem in Alberta, sharing the company & founder stories, and ultimately, a great way to measure the growth and engagement of our ecosystem with data and information. It is and will remain an open resource for everyone.

Does Start Alberta comprehensively catalogue every tech related company, entity and individual in Alberta?

The ideal would be yes but realistically it will not.

What is on the beta site now?

We have a small batch of Alberta tech companies (182), a small group of investors (12) and a small group of supporting organizations (40), to test out the website with a small group of users, which includes you.

Is Start Alberta a transactional or crowdfunding platform?

No it is not. Start Alberta is an information resource focused on Alberta tech companies, tech investors interested in Alberta’s tech ecosystem and the supporting organizations and individuals.

What about bitcoin?

Great question.

What is the beta version?

We have the basic features the tech community most advocated for but not all of the bells and whistles that could be built. This allows us to focus on building what is actually needed by our community while keeping costs low and allowing us to have a tool available much faster. At its core, is the child of Crunchbase and LinkedIn, allowing tech companies, tech investors and individuals in the tech community to create their profiles and to connect with each other. It is also the starting point for investors and others outside of Alberta, to keep up with Alberta’s tech ecosystem, especially the tech startups and companies. The beta version may have bugs as it is being used for the first time.

What is a bug?

A bug is when you get an error message when trying to use the website. As an example, you might get an error message when you try to save your event information.

Why do bugs occur?

Despite the best of our ability during the testing phase, issues do occur when you have a larger number of people using a website at the same time, for the first time. This is why the beta test is a crucial part of the development process to ensure we have a great tool for the ecosystem.

How to report a bug:

You can report any issues or errors through this the ‘Error Reports & bug fixes’ Trello card we have created at:

How do I recommend a feature which is not on the website?

We have you covered. You can add any features or functionality, through the ‘Wish list: Ideas/Request’ Trello Card on our Trello Board at:

How will you keep this a relevant tool?

A great question. With the support of our ecosystem partners, we are recommending a three year engagement process whereby we:
- Use AEC’s Deal Flow Study process to keep the information current
- Have the ecosystem organizations use this as one of their primary staging and information tools for their programs, pitch and demo day events
- Have the ecosystem use this as their main broadcast channel for news, events and programs for the tech ecosystem in Alberta and beyond
- Make this the starting point to the Alberta tech scene & community, especially for those outside of Alberta, who want to keep updated on ecosystem and the tech companies

How do I Create my profile?

a. To create your personal profile (similar to a LinkedIn profile)
1. Go to
2. Click on the blue button which reads ‘Create Your Profile’
3. Enter your information and preferably, use your work/organization email address (This allows us to link you to your organization or company)

b. To create your company profile
1. Start by creating your personal profile (see a. above)
2. Log in using your personal profile
3. After you log in, you will see your profile name on the top right corner of the page. Click this
4. Select ‘Your Account’
5. Select either a company (a tech company), an organization (an entity which supports tech companies, e.g., Startup Calgary) profile or an investor profile:
6. Enter your information and hit ‘Save’
7. You can now add other individuals to your company or organization profile. They must create a personal account first before you can do this.

How do I connect with a company or an individual?

1. Go to the company or individual profile
2. Click on the blue ‘Connect with…’ button

How do I accept a connection?

1. Go to ‘Your Account’
2. Click on the ‘Connection Requests’ button
3. You will see any connection requests here which you can accept

Why would I need to make/accept a connection?

Companies and individuals have the option to keep sections of their profile private and only visible to their connections. As an example, a tech startup that is raising capital may want to keep their revenue information private but investors may want to see this to get an indication of the company’s progress. The investor can make a connection request. The tech startup can approve the request which would allow the investor to see any private information that was not visible on the startup’s public profile.

Can I post an event on Start Alberta?

Yes you can. You will need to have your personal, company, investor or organization’s profile on, before you can post an event. To respect the community, please only post events and programs which are tech focused and/or which add value for tech entrepreneurs, investors and the community as a whole.

How do I add a blog post?

By going on your dashboard, you can access a section called Articles by which you'll be able to post blog post.