Why Work With Expert Training Solutions

Why Work With Expert Training Solutions

By Gordon Sheppard

Why Work With Expert Training Solutions The Problem

So your Organization wants to build an online course because you know it will be a huge benefit for your staff, your customers or your volunteers... but you don’t know where to start.

Or maybe you’ve already tried building an online course, but you didn’t finish.

Or you completed the whole course, but not enough students actually used it because you didn’t have a plan for marketing and they didn’t know that it even existed.

So now you’re stuck.

And on top of all of this you don’t know how much it’s going to actually cost, how many hours your staff is going to have to set aside to do it, and worst of all, you don’t know how long it’s going to take to complete.

So often this is the story for organizations and their leaders who are in charge of building an eLearning program.

No matter where you are at in the process you know that eLearning is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’, but it is a ‘must-have’, especially in the COVID-19 era when a substitute for in-person training has to happen immediately.

You are also prepared to admit that you don’t have all the answers when it comes to creating online training, and you know you need to build a trusted team of staff members and contractors who can get you the results you need now.

So that’s why you’re here.

To find the answers to your eLearning production questions.

To find a better way to produce online courses that your staff and customers actually want to learn from.

To go beyond simply producing an online course, so you can actually build an online training program that will not only sustain your organization, but one that will give your organization a competitive advantage, happier employees, and customers who are thrilled that you are going above and beyond to provide the just-in-time education that they need to solve their problems.

You also want to get started today and you want to know how Expert Training Solutions can help.

Here’s how.

The first thing we do is get to know you.

We find out why you want to create online training. We learn about your experience level. If you don’t have any experience, we start there. If you have already produced online courses in the past, we start there. Wherever you are at in the process, we can help.

Then we learn about the values that your organization practices. When we find out that we share similar values for online learning excellence, a high standard for quality work and the drive to make a difference for people who take your online courses, then we can talk about your project.

As we understand your eLearning goals at a deeper level, we’ll also introduce you to the Online Course Creation 5-Step System.

Why did we build a 5-Step System, and why do we recommend that you don’t skip a step?

Because if you build an online course too quickly, and you don’t test as you build, and you don’t have a marketing plan, and you don’t have the right contractors, and you don’t have the right budget... then you will fail.

Not enough people will take your course.

Not enough people will complete your course.

And if they don’t learn the skills you’re trying to teach then they won’t be able to do their jobs, enhance their learning and


The Online Course Creation 5-Step System

Plan > Prove > Promote > Produce > Perform

1. Plan - How to build a successful and sustainable online learning strategy

2. Prove - How to execute an efficient ‘Proof of Concept’ process

3. Promote - How to effectively market your next online course

4. Produce - How to create highly engaging online courses

5. Perform - How to measure results and standardize the process Step 1 - Plan

Too many times we have witnessed organizations rushing to produce a full online course.

Sometimes they get it completed. Sometimes they don’t.

But most often they haven’t taken into consideration what to do after the course is done.

They don’t know how to market the course - and they didn’t budget for marketing anyway – and they don’t have any budget left over for content changes in the future – and they don’t have any trained in-house people who remember the passwords and know how to keep their learning management system running – and the list goes on and on...

So not enough students use the course - complete the course - or even know about the course - and the students who are enrolled are mad because they can’t get technical support when something is broken.

There is a better way for organizations to implement eLearning. It starts with strategy.

So in Step 1 we help you to articulate your eLearning strategy in relation to your organizational goals.

We take the time to understand your vision, mission and values.

Then we identify the organizational goals that are related to eLearning, and ensure that the online course that you’re about to create will move those goals forward.

Once we know your goals, then we build a practical ‘roadmap’ that you can follow as you produce and promote an online course that ultimately drives overall profitability for your organization.

Step 2 - Prove

How do you know that your big signature online course will be a success?

Too many creators let their ego convince them that they should build a full online course first (as in, hundreds of people-hour-production time, 5 modules, 50 lessons with quizzes and exams and certifications and more)

Eight months later, after they complete the full course, they decide it’s time to introduce the course to potential students.

And when the students don’t love- it-buy it-complete-it-promote it...the online course creators are shocked.

What happened? Why didn’t they like the course? What’s wrong with them?

There is a deep eLearning graveyard of fully produced online courses.

Expert Training Solutions will not let your course end up in that graveyard.

That’s why we help you validate your online course idea by taking you through a ‘Proof of Concept’ in 30 days or less.

Step 2 will not only help you validate your online training idea, but it will also help you save a lot of time and money if you’re wrong - and really help you to move quickly if you are right.

The basic idea is to create a bite-sized piece of your full course and then show it to a sample of potential students and get their real world feedback.

After they get a sample of the course, if they tell you that they would pay for it and complete it because it is valuable, then you know you’re on the right track.

If they tell you it’s a bad idea and that nobody will ever buy it or complete it - then you can stop - and you will have only spent 25-30 hours working on it - and then you can modify your idea, or move on!

Step 3 - Promote

But before you start building a full online course you have to have your promotion strategy in place.

And because you just completed the ‘proof of concept’ step, during which you surveyed a sample of potential students, then you already have feedback about the way that the students want to receive information about the course.

For example, the sample group of students will have told you about their experience with other online courses.

Were they too long? Too short? Was the exam too difficult?

Are they now implementing the skills they learned from those online courses? How did they find out about those other courses?

There are many aspects that you can learn from a sample group of students that will influence how you set up the marketing campaign for your online course.

Along with what you’ve learned from the sample group, you can also do an inventory of all the free or low-cost marketing channels that you already have available which may include: Social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube; word of mouth amongst your staff; a newsletter etc.

We recommend that you start with these low-cost efforts first, so you can work out the imagery, text and tone that you want to use in your advertising.

Then you can move on to paid advertising options, and we can get you started on thinking about budgets and a responsible approach that will help you to get real results.

Step 4 - Produce

Just after your successful ‘proof of concept’, and right around the same time that you begin to set up your promotional campaign, it’s now time to actually build your online course.

In Step 4 we’ll help you draft a high-level outline and get a full list of what is needed in terms of research and pulling together the right team to get your online course completed on time.

One of our specialties is to work closely with your Subject Matter Experts to help them optimize their contribution to the course. Because the biggest pitfall for an expert is to want to explain everything that they know, which is often too much for students to absorb.

So we work patiently to gather all of the possibilities and then really edit down all of the information into a package that will engage your students and help them to retain and apply what they learn.

We also work well with technical writers, editors, and eLearning producers, and if you don’t already have those people on your team, we’ll make recommendations from our vetted pool of contractors.

And if you and your team want to learn how to do the entire course production process, then we’ll teach you how, and walk alongside you every step of the way.

From helping you to build a slide deck, to branding, to writing engaging copy, to helping you learn how to upload the course to the learning management system and trouble-shooting it, we’ll make sure you have the tools and confidence you need to pull it off.

Step 5 - Perform

Now that you’ve made a significant investment into building and distributing an online course, now it’s time to measure the results and standardize the process.

How many students took the course? How many students completed it? How much money did you make? How much time and money did it actually take to build the online course and promote it?

Not only will we help you answer questions like these, but we’ll also help you to standardize the entire process by giving you a thorough checklist for the entire process.

Once you have the checklist and you truly understand your overall costs, then you’ll be in a significantly better position to tackle your next online education project!

About Us

So now that you have an overview of the Online Course Creation 5-Step Process, here’s a few key details about us.

Expert Training Solutions is led by President and Founder, Gordon Sheppard. Gordon is dedicated to helping organizations to succeed, especially when it comes to implementing successful eLearning programs.

He believes that ongoing learning and development is the lifeblood of organizations who want to truly make a difference for their staff, customers, volunteers and their community.

That is why he founded Expert Training Solutions.

That is also why he applies 25+ years of experience to helping leaders like you. Because he knows that if you get your eLearning program right, then you will win, your organization will win, and everyone that you serve will be better off.

1. Plan

2. Prove

3. Promote

4. Produce

5. Perform

These are the five pillars that Gord brings to every job he works on.

So if you want to work this way too, then contact us today at info@experttrianingsolutions.com or visit experttrainingsolutions.com