The Public Place Network

The Public Place Network

By Douglas Berquist

The Public Place Network is a revolutionary new approach to video streaming platforms. Currently there are over 432,000,000 people subscribing to video streaming networks, a 32.1-billion-dollar industry. Viewers are consuming video information at 4.5 million videos a minute and spending up to 7 hours a day watching streaming videos. Video represents 80% of all content on the internet and is the go-to for information by 71% of the population. Vertically integrated, content specific channels is what viewers are looking for, easy access and trusted information not bloated multi-use content platforms that pirate your personal data.

Public Place Network is a new form of video streaming network that gives open access to all content providers who want to own and control their own channels. It has been built on the same global infrastructure that makes the current platforms like Netflix and YouTube even possible.

Public Place Network provides a revolutionary solution that offers:

·        Exclusive Video Channels for individuals and organizations for high speed video streaming and content management of all types of programming. An opportunity to re-think, re-purpose and extend your current programs.

·        New channel owner revenue sources from - AD banner carousels, Pre-roll Advertising on videos, Subscriptions, pay per view streaming, video download revenues and live streaming revenues.

·        Channel operators ­own and control of their story, brand, AD revenue, sponsorship, audience interaction and Data analytics!

·        Audience will experience your programming and activities the way you intend no third-party control. Viewers consume content on their own time and place (device) without the distraction of the platform pushing third party AD content, and unrelated videos.

·        Channel operators control audience access and experiences geographically, increase their reach and revenues locally, regionally, nationally or globally.

·        Public Place offers business models to digitally re-purpose your programs from one off activities to multiple use video assets. We can help you make this transition, create content, build transmedia campaigns and develop training curriculum.

·        Become part of a Network with multiple portals to extend your reach and exposure to viewership through a larger shared Public network of channel operators and content users and viewer interests.

 SEE yourself as a Channel Operator on The Public Place Network

·      Community Arts and Cultural Organizations: streaming sponsored events, webinars, online training, family programming.

·      Colleges and Universities: On line curriculum programming, sports, corporate training, events.

·      Schools k-12; events, information, on line curriculum, sports, parental support information.

·      Community Sports organizations, Special Interest groups: i.e.: Specialty program interests, Local coaching, training, outdoor activities, games.

·      Business groups and associations: Leadership Events, Management training, webinars, member profiles.

·      Fine Arts Groups: Theatre, Film and Video societies, Dance, children’s programing.

·      Health and Awareness support organizations and Heath groups: Mental health, physically challenged programming, events and information etc.

·      Rural – Agricultural organizations: Programming, events, webinars, training.

We are looking for Channel Operators to join The Public Place Network

Summary of Basic fees and Costs

One-time Limited offer - Set-up Fee - $1500.00

Sub Channel Lease fees start at introductory offer of $300.00-month (one-year term) Data use is pay as you use at .35 cents a gig streaming/hr and storage/hr/ month

Network administration Fees are a 25% share of all sub-channel revenue. Call for details

 Info and inquiries at