The ERIN Common Portal is hiring a Product Lead!

The ERIN Common Portal is hiring a Product Lead!


Business Link, on behalf of the Edmonton Regional Innovation Network (ERIN) Common Portal subcommittee, is contracting 1 or more Product Leads to guide the initial design of the common portal.   We are looking for expertise in product management, user experience and systems architecture.   Depending on the qualifications of candidates, it is possible for one or more individuals to be awarded a contract to fulfill all roles within the program. 

This position is funded by Alberta Innovates through the Edmonton Regional Innovation Network. 

Who is the ERIN?

The Edmonton Regional Innovation Network (ERIN) is a coalition of over 70 organizations from the Edmonton Metro Region dedicated to building a collaborative, cohesive innovation ecosystem that efficiently connects entrepreneurs to resources, capital, customers, and community. 

The ERIN is managed by a Steering Committee comprised of 9 individuals elected to serve the broader community. The ERIN has received funding from Alberta Innovates to support innovation services for entrepreneurs in the Edmonton region.  The Business Link is the lead applicant on the Alberta Innovates grants and will manage this position. 

This job posting is for a role that will be cross-disciplinary in nature.  It will require working not just with the ERIN membership, but also additional stakeholders from across Alberta. 


Our Vision

Together with our partners, we are implementing an online platform that will serve as the starting point for accessing innovation services in Alberta.  We will begin with services offered in the Edmonton region, but design the system to integrate with broader, province-wide initiatives.

The Common Portal will be much more than a website.  It will be an interactive community of peer-to-peer supports that understands the entrepreneurial journey and directs startups to a customized list of resources and programs appropriate to address their immediate business needs.  Importantly, it will enable entrepreneurs to apply directly for programs and services from the portal and will track their progress as they evolve from an idea to an MVP to a scaling startup to an established business.  The portal will be inclusive of many business types.  It will not just enable rapid and simple access to the support systems available to Alberta entrepreneurs, it will showcase the incredible diversity of Alberta startups and the tangible impact they are having on our economy, on our tax base, and on our quality of life.  The Common Portal will be a representation of the entire Alberta Innovation Ecosystem. 


Project History

To-date, this project has been guided and managed by a sub-committee of the Edmonton Regional Innovation Network made up of volunteers from across the Alberta Innovation Ecosystem.  The sub-committee has been informally working with a number of provincial partners to gather user-feedback and buy-in from various stakeholders.  Recently, the ERIN became a founding member of the Start Alberta Charter, which will formally integrate the work of the ERIN common portal within the broader framework of the Start Alberta initiative, to ensure a community-owned common portal is developed and stewarded by a representative group of organizations committed to the project vision. 

In addition, the ERIN has already begun the work of prototyping an MVP version of the common application component of the portal that enables seamless data sharing among users.  The ERIN expects to lead the efforts on designing, developing and integrating this piece of work into the Common Portal.  A great deal of product research remains on this effort.


The Role of the Product Lead

The Product Lead will be initially focused on the common application component of the platform.  Specifically, understanding customer needs, mapping data flows, proposing logic arguments, and tabulating user requirements.  The Product Lead will be working directly with a committed group of Alpha Testers from the Innovation Community.  This information will be used to inform the development of the Common Portal.  The Product Lead will be working directly with the ERIN Common Portal Sub-Committee along with the Start Alberta Task Force.  It is expected that the Product Lead will work closely with the Start Alberta Project Manager and various stakeholders to recommend the most efficient way to implement the vision. 

Role Structure

Business Link is the lead applicant on the grant funding supporting this role.  Therefore, the Product Lead will be a contractor for the Business Link reporting directly to Barbara McKenzie, CEO of the Business Link and Zack Storms, Co-Chair of the ERIN Steering Committee and Chair of the ERIN Common Portal Sub-Committee.  The Product Lead will also be working closely with the team at Alberta Innovates, the funder of the project, to ensure the final product integrates with systems and structures in place at Alberta Innovates and aligns with the long-term goals of the organization. 


As Product Lead, you will

·        Lead product design for the ERIN including shaping product vision in partnership with project stakeholders and end-users

·        Interview customers and ensure the final product is meeting user needs

·        Develop MVPs and pilots that can be tested and trialed using design sprints with Alpha testers for rapid iterating

·        Lead workshops and seminars on user experience with both end-users and project partners to constantly evolve final product vision

·        Identify detailed technical requirements of the system

·        Advise on the system architecture and APIs required to provide needed data flows and integration strategies with existing systems

·        Help to source, identify and select commercial vendors and/or development partners that can deliver the infrastructure to run the common portal in accordance with the community’s needs

·        Report findings to the ERIN Common Portal Sub-Committee

·        Work directly with the Start Alberta Task force to coordinate these efforts with the overarching vision of the common portal

·        Oversee the implementation of pilot projects to inform the vision, gain stakeholder buy-in, and obtain user data

Ideally you have the following set of experiences

·        Extensive experience designing software products

·        Extensive experience as a product manager

·        Extensive experience conducting customer interviews and organizing design sprints

·        Applying design thinking and agile design into product development

·        Experience developing marketplaces

Ideally you have these qualities

·        Ability to work independently within a collaborative framework

·        Strong communication and interpersonal skills

·        Strong technical background and knowledge of systems architecture

·        Strong belief in the project vision

·        Excited to join us!



If you believe you have the qualifications, please consider applying to become a member of the ERIN common portal team.

Seniority Level: Experienced technology professional with 5+ years’ experience as a product designer, user experience expert, systems architect, developer, and/or product manager

Education: Minimum of bachelor’s degree, additional specialized degree an asset

Industry:  Product Management and/or Product Development in the technology space, preferably with SaaS products.  Experience building out multi-sided platforms would be an asset.

Employment Type: Contracted to Business Link (contractor status, not employee), Full-Time or Part-Time, Onsite with various startup support organizations, virtually. The position(s) will be contract position(s) for up to 3 months with option to renew. 

Job Functions: Consulting, product design, advising on systems architecture for product roll-out

Reporting: Reporting directly to Common Portal management for day-to-day activities and to CEO of Business Link for metrics and support; activities will be reported to ERIN and Alberta Innovates.

Insurance: During the Term, the Contractor shall maintain at least the minimum insurance coverage specified by Business Link and shall provide to Business Link satisfactory certificates of insurance confirming such coverage annually.

Funding: This position is funded by Alberta Innovates through the Edmonton Regional Innovation Network.

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