The 2019 Periodic Table of Tech in Canada

The 2019 Periodic Table of Tech in Canada

In celebration of Canada Day, our friends at CB Insights compiled the country's top venture-backed tech startups, investors and exits into a periodic table.

Included are 100+ private companies operating in select industry categories that are particularly prominent in Canada, along with the top 20 exits of venture-backed Canadian tech companies since 2014, with disclosed valuations. We also include the most active venture capital and corporate investors located in Canada that are investing globally in private tech companies.

"We are in an era in which every company needs to know how it will apply new technology, generate intellectual property, and adapt its business model — an era in which every company is a tech company. It behooves incumbent leaders to get involved in Canada’s tech ecosystem, speak with Canadian entrepreneurs, and do business with the Canadian firms that understand these waves of innovation."

- Michael Dingle, PwC Ventures Leader, Advisory Partner, PwC Canada

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