StartAlberta Tech Award Nominations & Applications Deadline Extended to Sept. 13!

StartAlberta Tech Award Nominations & Applications Deadline Extended to Sept. 13!

The StartAlberta Tech Awards

The second annual Start Alberta Tech Awards recognize both individuals and organizations for their contributions to Alberta’s innovation ecosystem and those making a significant impact upon the province’s tech sector.

Award categories: 

  • Tech Deal of the Year
  • Most Significant Tech Transaction of the Year
  • Fast Growth Awards
  • Tech Investor of the Year 
  • Rod Charko Service Award
  • Ecosystem Supporter of the Year
  • Most Promising Startup Entrepreneur of the Year
  • The A100 One to Watch
  • Most Significant Cross-Community Collaboration of the Year

Nominations will open Monday, August 19, at 9am MST, please see application details and learn more about the award criteria and selection process here.

The NEW* deadline for nominations and applications is Friday, September 13, 2019 at 5pm MST.

All award recipients will be published on Wednesday, October 23.


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2018 Award Recipients

As we look ahead to the upcoming awards ceremony on October 23rd, let’s reflect upon the award winners as well as some of their experiences with the inaugural StartAlberta Tech Awards.

Circle Cardiovascular Imaging

Tech Deal of the Year presented by Alberta Enterprise Corporation

Awarded to the tech company who has raised the largest amount of capital in its most recent fundraising round. Circle Cardiovascular Imaging is a global leader is cardiac imaging solutions serving over one-thousand hospitals in over forty countries.

“It was truly an honor to be recognized by the Start Alberta Tech Awards for our work in closing the “Tech Deal of the Year”. The recognition we received by this award created an amazing opportunity to let the tech community in Alberta know about Circle and work we are doing in Cardiovascular Imaging. The Award Ceremony was extremely well organized and attended by many, who could have a positive impact for Circle in the coming months and years. Celebrating success is an important activity which should motivate all concerned to be successful in their own right.” 


Greg Ogrodnick CEO, Circle Cardiovascular Imaging 


Most Significant Tech Transaction of the Year presented by PwC Canada

Awarded to the tech company that has had the most significant acquisition or exit.

Benevity’s goodness platform empowers socially conscious brands to make a real difference, creating over 250 new jobs in Alberta within the past 18 months. 


Fast Growth Award (Under $5-million) presented by BDC

Awarded to the company that has demonstrated the highest annual revenue growth, with under $5-million in annual revenue.

VizworX helps clients interact with and understand their data using data visualization, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and VR/AR.

"Like all digital technology companies, VizworX competes globally for attention and market share. Getting such attention can be particularly challenging as an Alberta company due to the predominant focus of the global, national and sometimes even local media on our local oil and gas industry. Therefore, opportunities to not only recognize successful local digital technology companies and people, but also celebrate the amazing strides that everyone in this sector are making, are invaluable. As a recipient of the inaugural Start Alberta Tech Award for Fast Growth under $5M, the awareness of the advanced AR, VR, AI and data visualization solutions that VizworX provides to its clients has been broadly disseminated and this continues to pay off to VizworX in terms of smoothing the road to new business opportunities. However, as a strong community supporter, it also gives us at VizworX additional credibility when we talk about the amazing things going on in Alberta and why people should be paying more attention to them!" 


Jeff LaFrenz President, VizworX 


Fast Growth Award (Over $5-million) presented by BDC

Awarded to the company that has demonstrated the highest annual revenue growth, with over $5-million in annual revenue. ATTAbotics reduces e-commerce warehousing and fulfillment costs by seventy-five per cent. 

"We had a very good experience participating in the Start Alberta Tech Awards last year. It gave us an opportunity to celebrate a success both internally and externally while also providing some third party accreditation/acknowledgement for our company. The recognition and raising of the public profile can offer material assistance to companies trying to grow – customers, investors etc."


Brad Simpson Director of Growth, ATTAbotics Inc. 

Accelerate Fund II

Tech Investor of the Year presented by Alberta Enterprise Corporation

Awarded to an individual or investment firm that has displayed the best investment acumen over the last year. The Accelerate Fund supports the growth of early-stage Alberta technology companies by providing an alternative source of financing to startups that are not yet venture capital ready. 

“One of the primary weaknesses of our EcoSystem is our lack of storytelling and celebrating successes not only within the community but also on a national level. Without being negative if we look at the recent sales of Solium ($1.1B) and 3eSi now Aucerna ($1B - not public) and financings at Benevity and others these were massive exits and financings and did not get noticed in Alberta nor on a National basis. If these deals had closed in either Toronto or Quebec the press coverage would have been huge. 

So if I look at the StartAlberta Awards first cohort of winners this was the first time we had an Alberta-wide recognition of success in our industry. As important we had teams of judges from both Edmonton & Calgary working together selecting winners not based on geography but on real success. 

From a personal perspective winning was a real surprise but more importantly an affirmation that the work I have been doing for the past 10 years was recognized by my peers and community as having a material impact on our EcoSystem. 

Without getting too introspective I have only invited my family to attend two events over the past 30+ years of my career and the StartAlberta Awards was one.” 

David Edmonds Industry Committee Chairman, A100 & Accelerate Fund 

Evan Hu, A100 Member

Rod Charko Service Award presented by VCAA

Awarded to an individual that has gone above and beyond for the venture capital and technology ecosystems in Alberta.

Evan Hu is an active leader and mentor in Alberta’s technology ecosystem supporting organizations such as The A100, Calgary Technologies Inc., Rainforest Alberta, Creative Destruction Lab, and many more. 

Startup Calgary

Ecosystem Supporter of the Year presented by Osler

Awarded to an organization known for its dedication to helping startups and entrepreneurs grow.

Startup Calgary, an initiative by Calgary Economic Development, supports early-stage entrepreneurs through a series of events and programming.

Bobbie Racette, Founder and CEO of Virtual Gurus

Most Promising Startup Entrepreneur of the Year presented by Startup Calgary and Startup Edmonton

Awarded to a dynamic early stage founder for their coachability, community involvement and ability to launch a technology-focused company. Virtual Gurus provides businesses access to thousands of Canadian Virtual Assistants, providing a platform to make sure tasks are getting finished while supporting the administrative needs of clients.

Congratulations to the 2018 award winners.

We look forward to the 2019 StartAlberta Tech Award nominations on Monday August 19th.