Properly, Neuaura and Stellaralgo Confirmed in the C100 2019 Summer Cohort of 48-Hours in the Valley

Properly, Neuaura and Stellaralgo Confirmed in the C100 2019 Summer Cohort of 48-Hours in the Valley

C100 invites top Canadian startups to 18th edition of 48Hrs in the Valley

Two-day program offers strategic networking and business development for twenty six of Canada’s most promising entrepreneurs leading technology startups.

San Francisco, CA - March 12, 2019

C100 <​​>, a non-profit organization dedicated to bridging Canadian tech entrepreneurs with mentorship, talent, partnership and investment, has selected its next cohort of early-stage Canadian technology startups for 2019’s 48Hrs in the Valley. Held on May 7-8, the event gives a select group of Canadian entrepreneurs unique access to networking, mentoring, and business growth opportunities in the Bay Area.

C100 members (corporate and individual) and alumni of the 48Hrs program were asked to nominate promising Canadian startups. 26 were selected to participate from approximately 100 applications.

The participating early-stage startups include B2B and B2C companies ranging from enterprise software, robotics and healthcare technology, to e-commerce and cleantech. Each will participate in two days of mentorship, workshops, investor meetings, strategic partner visits and networking. May's event will include sessions from some of Silicon Valley’s top entrepreneurs and investors.

“I am in the unique position to hear stories about what this community and this event in particular has meant to several of Canada’s most ambitious entrepreneurs. The relationships the founders make with other entrepreneurs from across Canada, Silicon Valley, and other major tech hubs are a precious asset to the entrepreneurs we support. We are bubbling with excitement for all the great things we have in store for these next entrants into the C100 community” said Laura Buhler, Executive Director of the C100.

The companies joining the C100 for 48hrs in the Valley are:

About The C100

C100 is a mission-driven network of influential and experienced Canadians in technology who are committed to supporting, inspiring, and connecting the most promising Canadian entrepreneurial leaders. We aspire to build the preeminent global community to connect Canadian entrepreneurial leaders everywhere to talent, mentorship, partnership, and investment.

C100 and its members - individual and institutional - support Canadian entrepreneurs through mentorship, investment, partnership, and talent. We are a privately-funded, non-profit member association, headquartered in San Francisco, California, with members across the major technology hubs of the US, Canada, and beyond.

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