Marketing Matters

Marketing Matters

By Jana Taylor

Most of the startup and scaleup leaders we meet in our adventures in tech want to talk about Marketing: the what, the how and (always!) the who (er, as an aside, if you know any amazing growth marketers, send ‘em our way!). Accelerating Marketing skills so companies can level up their Marketing team and impact is a key focus of what we do. And we had a bit of a milestone recently: the inaugural cohort of 321’s Growth Marketing program wrapped up recently. So what did we learn?

What is 321’s Growth Marketing Program?

Before we leap into the recap, just some quick context: here’s how we describe our 8-week Growth Marketing course:

An immersive, experiential learning program for B2B founders and execs to learn and apply marketing concepts, processes and tools to accelerate sales and realize greater marketing impact.

Top 5 Takeaways from 321’s Growth Marketing Cohort 1?

Our Growth Marketing Demo Day just went down. We had a keen, curious group of Marketers who crushed it at sharing with the community what they learned, what they put into play and what outcomes they had. So what were the key themes:

1.Start at the start. Strong Marketing Fundamentals set the stage for better Marketing initiatives, campaigns and results.

We heard from a number of people that their top “a-ha” moments included getting the business and marketing foundational items squared away before gearing up and getting going on marketing campaigns. Specifically, people shared that they took the time to reevaluate and refine their BMCs (business model canvas’), that they reviewed their value proposition, that they mapped and truly gained and understanding and that messaging matters (shedding a happy tear!) so they took the time to work through the process to develop stronger messaging that better resonates with prospects and customers. Props to everyone on this front since strong business and marketing fundamentals are so key for strong marketing (not to mention avoiding WOMBATs that can derail marketing spend and outcomes).

2.Less is More. Fewer, high quality marketing assets & sales tools and marketing focus for initiatives is where it’s at.

A number of participants mentioned that one of the things that they accomplished during the program was to undertake an audit of their marketing assets and to weed out the collateral that wasn’t being used, wasn’t aligned with their ideal customer profile, buyers’ journey or key messages. Similarly, some participants did likewise with their Marketing campaigns, programs and processes and did away with “that’s the way we’ve always done it” vestiges that were weighing down the function without wowing with results. Less (but better) is more and focus was a definite theme. Bravo!

3.Dedicated time and accountability = getting it done. Program structure helped to Get Sh*t Done!  

A number of people in the cohort mentioned that the structure of 321’s Growth Marketing program really helped them to get stuff done. Starting and growing a business is an all-consuming adventure and we all have too many things on our plate. Being part of a cohort-based course where every week we cover topics (learning) and put it into action (doing) and report back on what we accomplished helped many move the needle. It helped focus and dedicate time to getting ‘er done. Yass to that!

4.Lean into Running a Lean Campaign

Learning about Lean Campaigns and running lean campaigns was a key takeway theme as well. Getting into it in terms of what lean campaigns are, how to design them and putting them into play helped participants bring their campaigns to life over the course of Growth Marketing. The specific campaigns ranged from events, webinars, newsletter programs, paid search, progress was achieved and one participant even talked about, gasp, better ROI on marketing. We couldn’t be more thrilled on this front!

5.SMarketing = Sales and Marketing as BFFs.

Learning Ok, let's be straight up on this: Sales and Marketing aren't always BFFs (sadly, the perennial "you gave me leads that suck"/"you can't close the fab leads we gave you" tussle rages on in some organizations) but luckily in early stage companies often there is a better alignment and collaboration on the Sales and Marketing front. Happily, this is indeed what emerged as a theme from the cohort: getting more into Marketing helped to better define and build the team approach to Sales and Marketing. When Marketing is focused on revenue contribution this helps (We have to note one of the best lines of the night: “Marketing is a thankless version of Sales.” Aww, we appreciate all of our 321 Marketers!) Let’s keep this friendship going!

We had a blast working with this group of Founders and Marketing leaders. We’re happy for their progress and excited to see the additional growth they get to this year. Onward!

So What About You? Is 2019 the Year You Make More Marketing Impact at Your Company?

We hope you enjoyed the recap of the top takeways from 321’s Growth Marketing cohort. If you’re ready to take your Marketing to the next level in 2019 and you want to get growing, we’d love to help. Our winter 2019 cohorts for Sales and Marketing are starting soon. Check us out below. Let’s grow together in 2019!

UPCOMING 2019 SALES & MARKETING PROGRAMS from 321 Growth Academy:

Marketing 101 (February 21) is a full-day course for founders and marketers. You’ll learn how to focus (or re-focus) your marketing efforts on revenue and building the top of your sales funnel, how to create an effective growth marketing capacity in your company, assess where you’re at, and develop an action plan to get you from here to there. Course details and registration link HERE.

Growth Marketing (Starting March 5) is an intensive, 8-week program, that guides you in building and implementing effective growth marketing or lead generation for your company, so that marketing focuses on revenue. This is a hands-on program where you’ll tackle real-world marketing challenges, and build/launch a campaign to drive results. Course details and registration link HERE.

And don’t forget about that BFF, Sales. Ready to accelerate revenue? Join us for our Sales programs.

Sales 101 (February 22) is a full day crash-course in understanding what it takes to create an effective sales capacity in your company, assess where you’re at, and develop an action plan to get you there. Course details and registration link HERE.

Lean Sales (Starting February 28) is an 8-session program to build and implement your sales process – from prospecting through close. Course details and registration link HERE.