KidSport Calgary selects Tykera as its technology partner.

KidSport Calgary selects Tykera as its technology partner.

By Eric Yeung


Tykera : Capital for Amateur Sports

KidSport Calgary & Area selects Tykera as its technology partner

CALGARY, Alberta, September 24, 2020- Tykera (, a Calgary-based fintech startup aimed at making amateur sports more accessible and affordable, is proud to announce its partnership with KidSport Calgary. Tykera and KidSport Calgary will collaborate to increase sports participation by reducing the financial burden of sports participation and ensuring sports programming is delivered in a responsible and accountable way.

“Sport is weaved into the fabric of our society.” says Eric Yeung, Co-Founder & CEO at Tykera. “With the help of KidSport Calgary and their Calgary Flames Sports Bank, we are working to uncover creative and innovative ways to help more people, especially kids, experience the tangible and intangible benefits of playing organized sports.”

“We need to continue to try and make sport more accessible.” says Kevin Webster, CEO of KidSport Calgary & the Calgary Flames Sport Bank. “Tykera is not only geared towards this but everything I’ve seen so far shows me that this is about finding ways to make sports more inclusive which we are all for.”

Tykera's unique mission is to help more kids play sports by offering their parents flexible and affordable payment plans for enrollment fees. For sports organizations, Tykera aims to provide on-demand access to operating capital by securitizing enrollment fees.  

Currently, Tykera is focusing on:

  • Supporting KidSport Calgary and their Calgary Flames Sports Bank by modernizing their processes and procedures with the use of existing and new technology
  • Supporting local amateur sports organizations with their return to sport needs.
  • Finding solutions to make sport more readily accessible and transparent for families. From the research stage, to registration, right through to participation no matter your skill level or families financial means

More information is available on the Tykera website and on LinkedIn

Media Contact

Eric Yeung, CO-Founder & CEO