Join CBC for Edmonton Startup Week: lunchtime events from Centre Stage

Join CBC for Edmonton Startup Week: lunchtime events from Centre Stage

Edmonton Startup Week is five days of workshops, socials, and events building momentum and opportunity around our city's unique entrepreneurial identity, startup community & culture of innovation! Join in the celebration led by entrepreneurs and hosted in the startup spaces you love. 

With more than 50 events to choose from, there is something for you at Edmonton Startup Week 2018!

October 15 & 18: noon-hour events live from Centre Stage

October 15: Meet the founders, hosted by Mark Connolly

What does it take to go from having an idea to launching a successful, global company? Join us for a lunch-hour discussion with three local CEOs that are finding massive success with technology products that are shaping the world around us, from in-helmet displays for astronauts to artificial intelligence support to make meetings better and everything in between.

David Nedohin - President, Scope AR 

Gregg Oldring - CEO, Zept 

Dave Damer - CEO, Testfire Labs

Ashley Janssen - Co-founder and CMO, Tadum

October 18: The future of marketing, hosted by Sandra Batson

As consumers, we're bombarded with advertisements day-in-and-day-out. So, how do the best brands, products, and companies cut through the marketing clutter to inspire you to buy? Join us for a lunch-hour discussion on the future of marketing, from social influencers to advancements in advertising technology, and how you can take advantage of trade tips and secrets to make your business succeed today and into 2025!

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