High Lumen Street Light Housing Factory Introduces The Versatility Of Street Lamp Housing

High Lumen Street Light Housing Factory Introduces The Versatility Of Street Lamp Housing

With the continuous development of road technology, whether it is the country, the real estate, or the garden industry, the need for LED street lamp housing is increasing. Many street lamp housing manufacturers have appeared. Next, a full set of accessories for LED street lamp housing, High Lumen Street Light Housing Factory will give a detailed introduction to learn about the various parts of the LED street light industry.

1. The lamp body adopts a three-proof design, which solves the problem of heavy sand and dust in the north, prevents freezing in winter and reduces wind resistance and torque, and is truly dustproof, waterproof and windproof.

2. Light weight: 8.5 kg with Led street lamp housing/4X7 module lens/silicone ring/112W.

3. Beautiful appearance: It adopts streamlined design, the shell color can be produced according to requirements, the lamp holder is made of aluminum alloy integral die-casting, and the surface of the lamp is sprayed with environmentally friendly powder electrostatic spray, so that the whole lamp has good self-cleaning. The lamp body adopts improved nano-carbon 6063 aluminum with adjustable angle, which not only solves the heat dissipation problem of high-power LED, but also adjusts the light opening angle of the lamp to solve the illumination problem of different lamp pole distances.

4. Aerospace and military heat dissipation technology: The middle heat dissipation shell of the LED street lamp is made of improved nano-carbon 6063 aluminum anodizing, which can increase the thermal conductivity of the original material 265 by 5% to 278. Unique chimney effect heat dissipation, the higher the temperature, the more the airflow heat dissipation fast.

5. Non-electrolytic capacitor AC to DC patented power supply, using 350mA constant current drive, can be directly connected to 110-270V AC power supply, and can be equipped with solar power supply according to requirements, which is very suitable for roads, communities, gardens, squares and other occasions Lighting.

6. Strong versatility: 4X7 or 5X6 and peanut lens / peanut 3 types of secondary aspheric optical design universal shell, peanut lens shell is made of high-quality tempered glass, with good light transmission and high light transmittance, anti Dust, water resistance, a full set of stainless steel fasteners, and the surface of the lamp cap adopts environmentally friendly fluorocarbon electrostatic spraying, which is safe and reliable.

Through the above introduction, Energy Saving Street Light Housing Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.