GreenSTEM: Call for Advisors

GreenSTEM: Call for Advisors

By Shoma Sinha

GreenSTEM overview

GreenSTEM is a pilot entrepreneurial fellowship program for recent Masters and PhD graduates from STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) degrees. The 2-year program supports new entrepreneurs to take technology concepts towards commercialization. GreenSTEM has just kicked off the second cohort in the program and is looking for advisors to help support new entrepreneurs on their journey. To meet the fellows and learn more about their ventures, please visit

GreenSTEM volunteer advisors make an incredible contribution to the success of the entrepreneurs and their ventures. As an advisor you have the opportunity to contribute to Alberta’s innovation ecosystem, meet and support next generation entrepreneurs as well as get to know other experienced individuals serving as advisors in the program. You can also join networking events with other entrepreneurs, the investor community, government etc.

Advisor Role

GreenSTEM holds quarterly advisory sessions for every new company supported by the program, either in person in Calgary, Edmonton or online. We contact our pool of advisors each quarter to determine their availability (our next sessions will take place online between Oct 20-30, 2020). Advisory panels are not the same every quarter but, we do strive to have some continuity and are happy to work with advisors according to their preferences and availability. If you are interested in working with a venture(s) on a more regular basis, this is most welcome!

We expect that advisors will:

  •        share their expertise, experience and advice;
  •        read short company summaries and prepare for meetings;
  •        meetings are 90 minutes long, each including some time to interact with other panel members;
  •        NDAs may be required if there is a potential conflict of interest; signing an NDA will not preclude having a professional relationship with the company (investor, partner, formal advisor etc).

Advisor Traits

To support the GreenSTEM fellows, we are looking for professionals with experience in one or more of the following:

  •         as an entrepreneur or in a leadership capacity in a technology-based enterprise;
  •         scaling a company or bringing a technology to market;
  •         venture capital or start-up investments;
  •         with Alberta/Canada’s innovation ecosystem; and/or
  •         international start-up, scale-up or global business development experience.

Interested in Getting Involved?

Contact: Shoma Sinha, Sr. Advisor, Ministry of Jobs, Economy and Innovation,