Calgary Start-up's Technology Attracts Global Attention

Calgary Start-up's Technology Attracts Global Attention

By Kelly Zwarych

Alberta Innovates recent article on provincial tech companies advancing onto the global stage.

It’s the latest recognition for AeroLab, an aerodynamics technology innovator founded four years ago by Zwarych and Chris Morton, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Calgary.

Both avid cyclists, the two have developed cutting-edge technology for high performance cycling. Smaller than a cell phone, the multi-sensor device fits onto a bike to measure aerodynamic gains and losses in real time. Using the information, cyclists can adjust body position and equipment to move faster.

Since testing was completed last year, AeroLab’s multi-sensor system has caught the eye of cycling teams and federations. AeroLab has started work with USA Cycling, and has been approached by Japan’s cycling federation. With this early success, the company plans to commercially launch a product for performance cycling later this year. 

At the same time,

AeroLab is looking to market an adapted form of its cycling sensors to a number of high growth industries.