About Alberta Tech: May Profiles

About Alberta Tech: May Profiles

By Lenora Thomas

Start Alberta’s role is to connect entrepreneurs, investors and external stakeholders with each other to help celebrate and expand on our successes. Working with About Alberta Tech, we are sharing the stories of Alberta Tech companies to increase the exposure and knowledge of the technology being built in Alberta.

Each month, we’ll share a quick summary of About Alberta Tech’s recent profiles. Here are May’s:


BeamDog is a Gaming Development company that brings classic games up to date for today’s technology alongside creating brand new games for their audience. Beamdog allows users to game wherever they play including gaming systems like XBOX and Nintendo, computers or mobile. The team’s most recent release is in conjunction with Hasbro - bringing the classic Axis & Axis board game to life with Axis & Allies 1942 Online. 

Read up on why Trent Oster (CEO) and his team are here in Alberta, what they are building towards and the reach of their gaming systems around the world.


Tom Short, COO of Kudos, started building Kudos to address an issue he had in his previous role. Tom had teams in multiple locations, remote employees, and needed to have a better way to provide employee recognition. The old ways of employee of the month, thank you's here or there, really were not working. As a result, working with his team they built a peer-to-peer social network that allowed their team to recognize wins as they happened. Kudos is a place anyone in the company can recognize peers in real-time. Tom and his Co-Founder Muni Boga realized that this could be a solution for other organizations and broke it out as a new company. 

Learn more about Tom’s path, and what Kudo’s is building towards.

Punchcard Systems Inc.

Punchcard Systems is the startup for startups when it comes to mobile and web-centric design. As a company or an individual, you might have an idea of what you want to build, but having the team, knowledge and budget to get your first release or MVP out the door can be hard to bring together. This is where Punchcard comes in - they have the team from development to project and product management to help you take the right first steps. Check out the blog about Sam Jenkins (Managing Partner) and Punchcard Systems. 

PwrSwitch Inc.

Co-Founders of PwrSwitch, Carrie Gour and Beth Thompson identified that during high conflict divorces, email, text message and phone log data are key to the outcome of the legal proceedings. At the same time, compiling that data in a usable format is a major pain point for both legal counsel and the individuals involved as it’s primarily screen shots that take upwards of 5 hours a week for individuals to capture and collate, and because evidence is neither comprehensive nor searchable, is difficult to use. This led to Carrie and Beth building PwrSwitch which automates the capture of digital data into an audited, secure file that can be easily searched and reviewed.   

Discover their story and how much they have accomplished in their first year!

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Photo credit: Kerri Lynch-O’Loughlin