A Global Leading Startup Program Bridging Across the Pacific

A Global Leading Startup Program Bridging Across the Pacific

The Checkerboard Landing Program, hosted by Saltagen Ventures, is a novel mentorship program designed for Canadian incubated startups exploring scaling into Asia via Hong Kong. With deep roots and business relationships on both sides of the Pacific, the Checkerboard Landing Program will dedicate both quality time and resources to help startups take on new markets to scale. More specifically, our network of partners in Hong Kong and Canada will support startups with fundraising and expansion through hands-on mentorship, a step-by-step landing strategy, personalized fundraising opportunities and introductions to key members of the Asian startup ecosystem.

Beginning in September, selected startups will embark on a week-long Hong Kong and Shenzhen soft landing session that includes interactive workshops on topics ranging from IP and tech transfer, finance and capital flow, cultural impact, corporate structure, sales and marketing channels to manufacturing. Startups will also attend pre-arranged business meetings with industry-specific partners in both the public and private sectors. Over the next six months, startups will work closely with the Saltagen Ventures team and cross-pacific mentors to prepare for the Hong Kong Roadshow, a series of events tailored to each startup to raise funds and deploy their landing strategy.

To learn more about the Checkerboard Landing Program, visit www.saltagen.com/program

Who should apply?

Prospective startups should have initial thoughts and plans to scale globally and would benefit from soft landing opportunities and guidance by developing a trusted local network. Your venture should also have the resources and capacity to gather momentum when leveraging networking, fundraising and business development opportunities with ecosystem partners. We encourage ventures that have raised a financing round and are preparing for Series A onwards to apply. However, we also welcome earlier stage ventures to contact us and see if this program is suitable for you.


Why Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is the international hub of Asia which has long been known as the best place for a soft landing in Asia. Hong Kong has a long-established English-speaking community; Hong Kong is located next to China — one of the biggest markets in the world; and the legal system includes well-protected intellectual property rights. Hong Kong is also home to the International Finance Centre, and acts as the financial headquarters of Asia. With the majority of the population being able to speak fluent English — including most C Suite-level executives — Hong Kong has developed a reputation for being an international startup’s best avenue for a soft landing.


About Saltagen Ventures

Saltagen Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm that invests in science and technology based startups with an investment strategy focusing on the verticals of edtech, biomedical technology, AI & machine learning and media technology. We look for startups that have strong defensibility and patentable technology. These startups can benefit from our deep networks in specific verticals and expertise of both sides of the Pacific provided from our experienced investment team and ecosystem partners. We empower startups to grow their business and develop efficiencies across the border via Canada and Hong Kong as a strategic base.

To learn more about Saltagen, visit www.saltagen.com