150w Street Light Housing Wholesaler Shared Types Of Floodlight Housings

150w Street Light Housing Wholesaler Shared Types Of Floodlight Housings

150w Street Light Housing Wholesaler Introduction The floodlight housing is also used in the building's external and external lighting, indoor local lighting, green landscape lighting, billboard lighting, medical culture and other special facilities lighting, bar, ballroom and other entertainment venue atmosphere lighting, simple installation , A wide range of applications, is an important decorative lighting fixture for outdoor projects.

In the production of floodlight housing manufacturers, there are two main types of floodlight housings, one is a single type and the other is an integrated type. Then, the installation points of these two types of floodlight housings are It is the same?

1. Please do not scratch or bump each line during the installation of the lamp, so as not to cause short circuit and burn the lamp, and the power supply must not be shorted (positive and negative contact).

2. Pay attention to the installation of each component, power controller and bracket, all screws should be tightened.

3. When threading, be sure not to pinch the wire to the lamp pole connection. The wire connection should be firmly connected and wrapped with PVC tape.

4. Do not use components that are not recommended by the manufacturer, otherwise it may cause damage or danger to the system.

5. When installing the lamp head, if the driving power of the lamp head is not built-in, it is recommended to install it at the lamp pole wiring door (communicate with the manufacturer in advance).

6. When installing the cable, it is recommended to install a fuse (fuse) at the wiring door of the lamp post, which can reduce the loss if necessary.

7. If the lamp pole is installed near the transformer or the voltage is unstable, it is recommended to install a voltage stabilizer to avoid damage to the lamp head.

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