150w Street Light Housing Manufacturer

150w Street Light Housing Manufacturer

150w Street Light Housing Manufacturer introduces the relevant knowledge of LED high bay light housing:

1. Most of the imported SMD lamp beads are used as the main light source, and imported semiconductor crystals are used. It has the advantages of high thermal conductivity, low light attenuation, and no ghosting.

2. The lighting lamp uses no polluting materials such as lead and mercury, so it has the advantage of being green and environmentally friendly without any pollution.

3. Adopting a very unique heat dissipation design, combined with the electrical box ingeniously, effectively spreading and diffusing the heat, thereby reducing the temperature inside the LED lamp, which effectively ensures the life of the lamp body.

4. It also has very good color rendering. The color of any physical substance is very real, and there are many light colors to choose from, which can be satisfied in any environment, which eliminates the past lighting The depressive mood brought by the lights to the staff, thereby increasing the effective work rate of people.

Through the above introduction, Aluminum Lamp Housing Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.