Product Manager

At Fitset

Fitset’s mission is to help boutique fitness studios in better accessing their market and inspire Canadians to live a more active and healthy lifestyle. Our digital platform gives subscribers access to over 85 local boutique fitness studios, community fitness facilities, world class climbing gyms, swimming pools and more. Fitset is growing and we are looking to add a key person to our core management team.

The Role


This is a new role, specifically focused on improving business profitability and customer longevity through product development. You will be helping our existing customers and studio partners (hundreds of them) get more out of Fitset. You'll work closely with the CEO and Engineering team, iterate fast in response to data, talk to customers to understand their needs, prioritize work & ideas, run experiments, launch new programs, and get a deep understanding of our platform in order to understand what's easy and what's hard. You will control full product release and life cycles. Continue expanding our user base and reporting directly to our CEO/CTO on product roadmap. Planning, researching, designing new product features. Working with engineers and marketers to build, grow, deploy and iterate features and milestones. Develop KPI, pricing and revenue strategy for the team.

You Will:

-Get to know our customers, and understand their motivations and needs 

-Build empathy and respect for our customers and delivery delightful, intuitive solutions to their problems 

-Serve as product owner when questions arise, and validate functionality prior to launch 

-Create analytics and monitoring strategies for everything, so we are rigorously testing our hypotheses and learning as fast as possible 

About You:

-3+ years of experience in a B2C or B2B Product Management with a focus on driving performance KPIs 

-Very comfortable with behavioral and web analytics tools (e.g. Mixpanel, Fullstory, Google Analytics, etc.) 

-When you find something puzzling in the data, you dig in and find answers 

-You love talking to customers and learning what makes them tick 

-Excited to share insights, communicate plans, and execute alongside your partners in marketing and customer success and engineering

-You know how to build a business case and think about ROI 

-You've built enough product to have a sense of what works, but ultimately answer to data 

-Enjoy working with engineering to discover what's possible, and making smart tradeoffs 

-You can think in user flows and work with designers to carry work through to completion 

-You believe in creating collaborative, mission focused product teams with engineering, product design, and product management working together

Required Skills:


-Must know how to use Git and command line tools, and pay attention to engineering framework to improve productivity. 

-Must know how to write about products for PR and marketing without additional help, can record, cut, edit and finalize tutorials, walkthroughs, promotional assets, advertisements of products. 

-Must be sensitive to numbers. Experienced in using Excel to analyze financial models and projections. Experienced in AB testing implementation and executions. 

- Must be active evangelist for products under management and have deep passion in user engagement. Must feel comfortable to approach and talk to users, respond to customer support ticket and organize user events.

- Must understand build vs. buy dynamic in building products, trade offs in quality and time-to-market. 

- Must be aggressive in experimenting and pursing new growth strategies and growth opportunities. 

- Must be able to write, manage, report clean, and easy-to-follow communication docs and spec requirements. 

- Must be obsessed with user study and ability to manage a brainstorming and ideation process for a user problem. 

- Must be experienced in user interview, controlled studies, UX and UI testing, qualified and quantified research technique. 

- Must understand dynamics in collaborative partnerships, PR, press releases, relationship with journalist and outside stakeholders, intellectual properties and knows how to write pitches to press, social media, distribution partners etc. 

- Must be highly aware of competitive landscapes and market positions, segments, and action sequences. 

- Must know how to properly test, QA, defining and gathering key analytical metrics through product release cycles. 

- Must be aspired to become role model, attract new employees and believe in our vision

- Must know how to use Google* (finding right information with the right amount of details quickly). 

- Must be voracious reader in growth, product, startups etc. 

Please apply by sending resume and cover letter to