Canadian Realtor, a Real Estate Professional for cryptocurrency blockchain project

At Executive OTC Group (EOG)

Hey I'm Vlad, I'm the Founder & CEO of Executive OTC Group (EOG) out of Calgary, Alberta. I am a huge Bitcoin enthusiast, cryptocurrency investor, cryptocurrency auditor, very knowledgeable about everything blockchain and crypto. Under umbrella of the EOG startup companies we have a peer to peer cryptocurrency trading platform for over-the-counter OTC trading, and a private cryptocurrency hedge fund.

I am looking for Co-Founders who are licensed residential or commercial Real Estate Professionals (Realtors) in Canada (Alberta, BC, or Ontario preferred) to create an online Realty which uses Bitcoin as the settlement currency to transact a sale of property.

The existing EOG OTC mobile smartphone platform ( already supports negotiated peer to peer cryptocurrency trades and can be easily adopted to service simple and complex Real Estate transactions. The mechanics of the existing platform were initially designed using Real Estate deal concepts. Our patented negotiation algorithms ensure a highly competitive edge in a rapidly changing and largely unknown post-COVID Canadian landscape.

I believe we are on a cusp of a larger cryptocurrency adoption, including wider adoption of stable coins programmable money. I am looking for like-minded, experienced Real Estate professionals for this incredible Project. Find me on LinkedIn, or contact directly by email

Vlad Shaposhnikov, CA, CPA

Founder & CEO

Linked In: @vlad-s