Startup Edmonton

Stage focus : Committing


Primary Contact
Tiffany Linke-Boyko
#301, 10359 - 104 Street


Preferred company stage: Committing

Startup Edmonton supports tech-enabled companies as they start and scale so they can find greater success!

Events programs

Startup Edmonton supports early-stage companies through mentorship and programs, access to talent and capital, and by fostering a thriving community in a 14,000-square foot coworking space that serves as the home for the city's innovation and technology meetups.

Since 2009, Startup Edmonton has brought together entrepreneurs, developers, students, founders and investors to transform ideas into some of Canada's most exciting and successful startup and scaling companies.

"Supporting founders, encouraging them to be ambitious, and providing them with the tangible know-how and resources they need to succeed drives our work. What truly sets our work apart, is our commitment to practice what we preach. We're constantly learning, evolving, and shifting to be of service to our founders and community, They hold our feet to the fire every day, and it's our job to hold them accountable to their potential." Tiffany Linke-Boyko, CEO - Startup Edmonton