Trent Oster



Trent Oster started game development in 1994, by co-developing the sharewae game "Blasteroids 3D". Following the completion of the game, Trent joined forces with five other individuals an co-founded Bioware. Trent worked at Bioware until 2009, having served as a Project Director, Director of Technology and Director of IT. In 2009, Trent co-founded the video game publisher / developer, Beamdog with Cameron Tofer, another Bioware alumni. Since 2009, Beamdog has experienced steady growth and revenue, selling over a million copies of Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition across multiple platforms. Beamdog has a strong development team and has shipped multiple projects on Windows, OSX, Linux, iOS and Android. Beamdog employs over 45 full time staff and another 20 worldwide contractors and has recently moved to a new 11,000 sqft office space on Whyte Ave.


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