Shelley FOSTER


  • Shelley is the founder of (FMP) - the first 3-sided B2C online/mobile niche eCommerce marketplace for fitness products and services promoted by trainer and gym affiliates and influencers.
  • Shelley Foster, a Canadian entrepreneur based in the USA who managed the global launch of NikeTrainingGear and NikeFitnessGear (fitness/sports training, in-studio fitness, yoga equipment and accessories) and expanded Reef’s global women’s surf lifestyle business. 
  • She then directed sales and marketing at Dosho (founder of Bowflex) a leader in Fitness Direct Response Advertising before going on to found and later sold her own apparel brands – Silly Souls (included a “The New Yorker” Conde Naste License) where she was an early e-commerce and marketplace adaptor on Amazon, ToysRUs, Walmart, Sears and Overstock.