Richard Adamson


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Richard Adamson, (CEO- ICS) facilitated the commercialization of innovative technologies in Canada and the United States for three decades. As the founding president of CMC Research Institutes (formerly Carbon Management Canada), Richard drove solutions to industrial greenhouse gas emissions through the global research network. He coordinated the successful transition of CMC from a research network focused on early-stage discoveries to an independent not-for-profit helping technology developers and end-users identify and move technologies into industry-ready solutions. Richard also assembled the national team that is projecting ways to move Canada to a prosperous low-carbon future as part of the international Deep Decarbonization Pathways Project. Prior to joining CMC, he worked with the Southern Research Institute’s environment and energy team, resulting in the Carbon to Liquids Development Center in Durham, N.C. hosting pilot-scale, waste- and biomass-to-liquid (hydrocarbons) technologies. As a founder of distributed micro-utility Mariah Energy, he led development of a network of autonomous self-dispatching microturbine combined heat and power systems. Subsequently he was the founding chair of the Board of NewERA, a national distributed energy industry association.


Past companies
Carbon Management Canada/CMC Research Institutes, Mariah Energy