Pawan Soobhri


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To enhance my skill set as a corporate individual in the development and to push myself to the next level of efficacy by working with big players of the industry.

Currently working as Front End Developer & Security Analyst with Concordia University of Edmonton, Canada. This role includes designing and developing web applications as per the University's requirements.

Worked as Market Research Analyst with Concordia University of Edmonton, Canada. The role includes Collecting data on consumers, competitors, and market place and consolidating information into actionable items, reports, and presentations.

Worked with Deloitte USI as a Business Technology Analyst. The major task was to design and develop Web Applications.

Worked with Ericsson on Enterprise Applications - dU Telecom (UAE) (2 Years 4 Months) on B2E and B2C applications with responsibilities to streamline internal applications like CRM, Power Bill, and DSP. Also, I worked on a promotion regarding dU Telecom. Automating Task on Unix server. (Ericsson Global India Pvt Ltd)

Worked as a Front End Developer (6 Months) at Ericsson. Was involved in the project. (Ericsson Global India Pvt Ltd)


Past companies
Deloitte USI, Ericsson Global India Pvt. Ltd