Jeremy Ashe


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Hi everyone,

I’ve decided that while I have the opportunity to free up time for myself and concentrate on the future of our country. Nothing I love more than empowering, growth and innovation. Pet peeve: stifling growth for the bottom dollar.

I would love to work with people with the same goals and morals.

  • helping small businesses by empowering them with all the tools and knowledge they need to make better decisions for themself and their community
  • educating, mentoring and creating safe places for youth to grow and empower themselves and the future of our world
  • working together in a harmonious team that pays attention to each and everyone’s needs through thought out debates, educated decision making and support for each others lively hoods. Including home life

I’m taking advantage of these times to change career goals and to chase after my passions in life

Looking forward to having a coffee or zoom talk with many people and bridging gaps for common-unity. Let’s really make our country great through unification. Can’t think of a better place than Canada for opportunities for future planning.


Past companies
Working in the construction Industry for over 20 years and always having entrepreneurial tendencies since a kid.