Hasan A Ahmed


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I’m a blockchain developer & cyber security analyst. Being an entrepreneur was something I’ve admired since a child because my mother was also an entrepreneur with restaurant chains in Edmonton, Dubai and Africa. I’ve gotten to know a lot about business just by being raised by her and helping run the businesses throughout my whole life. Technology has always been something I was passionate about and decided to get a degree & certifications to develop expertise in my chosen fields of business. I first started out managing/helping my mother with her restaurants by the age of 8 up until I finished high school where me and a partner started building e-commerce stores, scaling them and selling them. In 2017 I was so familiar with marketing that I’ve started my own agency and helped a Homecare clinic in Dubai grow exponentially while taking my degree. In 2019, I’ve decided this is my year to build my own legacy. Integrating cyber security and blockchain to develop one of the worlds most secure frameworks in blockchain systems, IoT, and cyber security.