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A consumption nanotechnology company, whose technology has been validated by all three international leaders in consumption nanotechnology equipment. Our technologies increase the efficiency and speed at which your body absorbs vitamins, nutraceuticals and oil extracts, all while providing a consistently best-in-class consumer experience



Board advisors

Dr. Curtis Leifso (Founder and Director) - Dr Leifso received his PhD in engineering in 2000 Prior to co founding Axiomm Technologies, Curtis’ career was spent exclusively in technology startups involved at the earliest stages as a principal design engineer also involved in fundraising, recruitment, project management and developing, identifying and protecting critical intellectual property Curtis has authored numerous journal and conference publications and holds four US and Canadian patents.

Andrew Wong (Founder and Director) - Having spent six years at Stikeman Elliott LLP and Nerland Lindsey LLP, Andrew is experienced in securities, M&A and private equity funds matters He has acted for both public and private companies at various stages of their growth, as well as for private equity and investment funds with AUM of 500 million to 1 billion Andrew has provided commentary on proposed cannabis legislation and regulations, and has acted for numerous clients in the cannabis space, advising on matters ranging from structuring and regulatory compliance.

Herb Willer (Director) - Previously a global partner with Arthur Andersen in charge of the Entrepreneurial practice in Ontario, Herb in 2003 started HMW Capital Inc an exempt market dealer focused on investment banking and private equity investing across 4 main sectors consumer products, technology, healthcare and manufacturing He has had extensive involvement with the going public process including the CPC program and is a member of the local advisory committee for the TSX V In 2003 Herb was part of the founder group for Mill St Brewery as a start up and acted as Chairman.

Jamie Blundell (Director) - Jamie is the President and COO of Cannabis Growth Opportunity Corp ..(CGOC CSE), which operates as an investment company The Company manages a portfolio of securities of various public and private companies Cannabis Growth Opportunity serves the cannabis industry in Canada Having led large scale operations through strategic change, Jamie develops and empowers highly skilled employee teams to collaborate on achieving organizational success.

Dr. Craig Pearce (Advisor) - Dr. Pearce is an anesthesiologist, clinical researcher, and medical cannabis consultant He completed his medical degree 1998 and residency in Anesthesiology 2003 at the University of Calgary, shortly after completing a PhD in Neurophysiology and Pharmacology 1997 Currently, Dr Pearce works as a Clinical Anesthesiologist with Alberta Health Services ( and in various specialty clinics in Calgary He has held numerous administrative positions over the past decade as both Section and Department Head in the Department of Anesthesiology Pain Medicine with AHS He is a noted expert on the physiology of the human Endocannabinoid system, and how plants interact with that system. He uses his firsthand knowledge with patients to inform his advisory work in the pharmaceutical nutraceutical fields, including guiding Licensed Providers through the potential minefield of prescribing cannabis in Canada.

Dr. James MacLeod (Advisor) - Dr. MacLeod obtained his PhD in pathology and molecular medicine from the University of Queens, where he also served on the university’s Board of Trustees His area of focus is on the role of calpain 1 and calpain 2 in promoting tumorigenesis in HER 2 and triple negative breast cancer, but he is also experienced in RNAi, CRISPR/CAS 9 PCR, immunoblot analysis, immunohistochemistry, preclinical modeling, xenograft models, surgical skills, fluorescence microscopy, tissue culture with immortalized and primary cell lines, cell line derivation, lentiviral retroviral work, assay development, molecular cloning, cellular assays, and a host of other areas.


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