The Blockchain and Technology Symposium

Event organized by Bitcoin Rodeo

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Shaw Conference Centre, Edmonton, Alberta
2019-03-05 - 2019-03-06
07:30:00 - 17:00:00


Our symposium brings together blockchain, robotics, machine learning and IoT but adds the market aspects of government, academia, industry leaders and venture capital creating a space to not only showcase our tech industry but promote industry growth directly by connecting our partners with capital, customers, and opportunity.

Alberta is quickly becoming a Canadian hub of technological innovation yet our creativity, ingenuity, and technological advancements have yet to be showcased on the world stage. When people think of Alberta we want them to think “tech innovation”, not only oil and cattle. The goal with our conference is to make sure the world turns a spotlight on Alberta and all that we have to offer in technological innovation.


The goal of our Business-to-business (B2B) meetings are to facilitate cross sector collaboration in Alberta’s tech sector. Our aim is to help drive economic prosperity to our region and provide collaborative business opportunities with customers and suppliers. These 20 minute matchmaking sessions will accelerate lead generation in a highly efficient manner at minimal cost. Businesses and individuals who purchase the B2B ticket will have access to all participants joining the B2B sessions during the conference. They will be able to directly connect with VC funds, business executives, government grant agencies, and develop relationships outside the hustle and bustle of the trade show floor. Refreshments will be provided in this private meeting area because let’s face it, everyone loves to meet when there is food involved!


We are proud to have Alberta Enterprise as the main sponsor for our pitch competition. Our goal is to connect innovative tech companies, that are either pre commercial or commercial, with venture capital, government, banking, and private equity funding sources. Companies looking to pitch will have 6 minutes in front of our panel of judges for an entry fee of $599.00 CAD with 100% of the proceeds going to the winner. The winner will be determined by a 50/50 split decision between our panel of judges and the audience measured through live polling. We want to help small Alberta businesses thrive. Connecting them with other businesses, capital, and customers is the best way to promote business in our province.