Edmonton Direct

Event organized by Alberta Esports Association

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2021-05-05 - 2021-05-16

Edmonton Direct is an online experience that showcases video game development & culture in Edmonton. Comprising two parts, Edmonton Direct is a video and an event. The video highlights video games made in Edmonton, while the event brings industry speakers from local post-secondary institutions & development studios as well as esports competitors to celebrate & advocate Edmonton's video game industry & community.

In addition to a wide range of esports tournaments and related wellness programming, there will be speakers and panels featuring local developers from BioWare, Improbable, Beamdog, independent studios, and post-secondary institutions. The awards ceremony for the University of Alberta’s Certificate in Computer Game Development will also be included. The intention of Edmonton Direct is to unify, bring visibility to, and celebrate Edmonton and its gaming communities through a single all-encompassing gaming-focused event. In 2021, Edmonton Direct will be an online event; future experiences will incorporate in-person programming.