Business Model Canvas 301

Event organized by Startup Calgary

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Work Nicer - Red Mile (2nd Floor) 1550 5 St SW Calgary, AB T2R 1K3
17:30:00 - 21:00:00

Learn how to validate your assumptions to land your first paying customer

During this 3.5 hour deep-dive workshop, you’ll further your understanding of the customer discovery process and answer tough questions such as:

  • Is the problem worth solving?
  • Does the solution create real value for potential customers?
  • What to include and how to test, your Minimum Viable Product (MVP)?

You'll leverage your Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas and walk away with an 8-12 week roadmap to help you validate your market and build/test your MVP.

This workshop is ideal for entrepreneurs who are launching a scalable, high growth-oriented TECH-enabled startup and have completed Startup Calgary’s Business Model Canvas 101 and 201 or similar introductory sessions. Your $20 registration fee includes dinner.

This workshop is not intended for small business owners, consultants or service providers.